Minimize your lead times with our onsite parts & service

With over 60 years of combined installation experience, our team of engineers and technicians is what makes our partnership invaluable for your business. One of the few companies in our industry to send our dedicated technicians to new machine and part installations, we have been dedicated to servicing equipment since the very beginning.

Reducing your equipment downtime to increase revenue

The guaranteed value you receive with our parts & service department: 

  • Local service technicians 
  • Parts housed here in the US

By helping reduce your equipment downtime through expedient part services and onsite technicians, you see cost savings which contribute to increased revenue.

Reduce Textile Machinery Downtime

Textile Processing Parts & Service for over 30 years

Because of our tenured knowledge of the textile manufacturing process and our long-standing familiarity with the equipment we carry, it is rare we run into a problem we can't solve for you. 

Knowing the guaranteed availability of our team to perform onsite maintenance and the low lead time to secure new parts, our customers are more confident in their purchase decision. Part of what you receive when partnering with us is a level of confidence in our ongoing support long after your initial investment in the equipment. 

Textile Processing Equipment Technicians
Textile Machine Parts Shipped Anywhere
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